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How To Learn The Front-Crawl

Also known as the Freestyle, the Front crawl is the fastest of all strokes. This article aims to direct you seamlessly on how to do the front crawl in just a few steps:


  • Keep your body as flat as possible and as close to the surface as possible! This allows you to stay streamlined which helps you glide through the waters smoothly.


  • Your kicks should alternate and start at the hips whilst bending your knee slightly.

  • The kicks should be kept long and and fast with minimal water splashing

  • TIP – try kicking for approximately 5 – 7 seconds – this allows you to get in 5 – 6 kicks per arm manoeuvre.


  • Your arms should move alternately with one hand following the other whilst the water is above your head.

  • Your thumbs should enter the water first and the palms should turn facing outwards.

  • Your elbows should be first to exit the water – they should be nice and high!


  • This is often the part that most struggle with!

  • Ideally, you should be breathing every 2 arm folds but if this is not feasible at your point of learning, just breathe regularly by turning your head to the side when needed.


  • If you practice these techniques regularly, you will find you will get better and better at the front crawl – after all, practice makes perfect.

  • Don’t be deterred if you don’t get it right the first time – you will get better!

Our swim tutors at Ducks2Sharks are trained in teaching people how to swim from beginners level to a intermediate level to a then much advanced level as time progresses. So why not start your swim journey here with us?

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