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We know each professional really well!

Duckstosharks is part of the Skillathon alliance. Skillathon has 4 companies which are Tutos4berkshire, ParaFit, Samenza and Duckstosharks. Across all of our companies we know each professional really well.  

What we know about our swim teachers

What their teaching style is like

If they can hold lessons at an affordable rate

We can show you a profile picture of how your instructor looks

How experienced they are

Their success rates

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Welcome! We know each instructor really well and all of our instructors are DBS checked and have assessor level 2 qualified. We provide you with a free taster session to decide if you would like to carry on taking more lessons. Children are able to build relationship with the instructor wo then progresses them to the next stage. We can provide you with ladies only lessons with lady instructors and life guards. We understand some parents may want female instructors this is something we can accommodate for your child. All of our prices are affordable and we don't have any contracts. 


Ducks to Sharks was Founded in November 2015 and we are passionate about helping children to enjoy and excel in their swimming strokes.

We have a team of qualified and experienced coaches who relate well with young children and can teach from the basics to the advanced strokes.


Working on the ASA National Plan for Teaching Aquatics, we  have a successful programme that can really help grow individual swimmers. We cater for complete beginners all the way to the more advanced swimmers. 

We award certificates with medals at the end of every term  to celebrate the achievements of swimmers progressing their swim stages.

Our programme works from Ducks, Turtles, Penguins to Sharks. starting from children aged 4 (our Ducks) learning to swim, all the way to older and more advanced swimmers (our Sharks!). 


We offer swimming lessons on Sundays from 1 -2 pm and on Mondays 6-7 pm for children 4 to 17. 

We also offer ladies/girls only lessons with lady teachers and lifeguards.

Find out how progress our swimmers through out Ducklings to Sharks Programme:

Swimming Trainer with Students
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