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Swim Trainer


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Consultation time:- Weekdays 9am to 12am

Availability:-  Weekdays 9am to 12am

Location:- Beachwood Secondary School

My Personality

As a person, I have been swimming my whole life and I really enjoy it. Swim teaching gives me the opportunity to share my passion for swimming with others, and help them progress by providing fun but challenging lessons. This involves an engaging warm-up, technique work, and games. I ensure everyone has a good time and I help every child progress as quickly as they can.

My Experience

I have taught swimming for over a year and volunteered as a swim teachers for two years prior to that.

My Format of Lessons, Teaching Style and Engagement with Students

In the stage I am currently teaching, I cover the fundamental skills for front-crawl and back-stroke. Once these skills have been developed, I introduce the basics to breast-stroke and butterfly.

My Success Stories 

My courses

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