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My name is Naim Ahmad and I am Founder of Ducks to Sharks! I am a qualified Level 2 Swim Teacher, and also hold a BSc in Sports Science and Coaching Studies. 

My inspiration for swimming began since the 2012 Olympics. Over the past 4 years, I have been teaching swimming for both adults and children of various age and ability levels. 


During my final year at university, my passion for swimming led me to base my dissertation project on this very sport.

It was called the 'Effect of Hatha Yoga on Shoulder Flexibility of Competitive Swimmers.' I worked with Regional/National Level Swimmers from Windsor Swimming Club and led the Yoga exercises over a 6 week period; I found improvements in shoulder flexibility using goniometer tests and a back scratch test!


My passion in swimming draws me to want to teach this very important life skill with my team of dedicated staff & coaches to help as many people as possible, of different ages and genders, to become confident swimmers!

Founder Ducks2Sharks


Naim Ahmad: Founder

Bsc (Hons) Sports Science & Coaching


ASA Level 2 in Teaching Aquatics