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Consultation time:- Weekdays 9am to 12am

Availability:-  Weekdays 9am to 12am

Location:- Beachwood Secondary School

My Personality

As a person, I am often described as bubbly and friendly due to my personality and I would also describe myself as flexible due to the fact that my interests are not limited to two or three things, but anything that I come across. Because of this, I have a huge desire to learn and when I cannot be taught, I teach my self, just as I had when it came to reading, and writing Korean or learning dance. I have the capacity to self-learn and as I recently found out, teach and inspire. I began teaching swimming to children the summer. I discovered that I was able to create a good rapport with the students and also make them feel comfortable in the water which in turn put them in the right frame of mind to push themselves even further.

My Experience

I first started tutoring at the begining of the summer to two students in English and Math, primary level. I also started to teach swimming at the same time where I discovered my talent of being able to communicate and bond with children. I also realised that I am able inspire others to push themselves to advance in whatever it is they are learning. My lessons have always included a personalised approach and predominantly work on areas of low confidence and weaknesses. I assess a student's learning method through my lessons and use that to teach them in future classes. My teaching experience is short, but I have been able to teach to the level expected of the student and parent.

My Format of Lessons, Teaching Style and Engagement with Students

 My teaching method follows a basic process of assessment, teaching and reassessment. When teaching I always try to explain what I mean to teach in different ways specifically tailored to the child's learning style hence why I often very quickly see improvement in technique. My lessons always start with kicking and a warm up swim followed by a practice swim which I observe to look for technique and their confidence. Then I explain corrections and do exercises relating to whatever technique we are working on before letting them apply it in practice. I also work on confidence in the water by letting them go under water or dive to touch the floor, and also getting used to looking at the depth which more often than not seem petrifying.

My Success Stories 

Finally, I always finish off with some jumps and always try to allow them to jump in a depth where they cannot reach the floor. Some of my students so far have braved themselves to the point that they have moved from woggles to boards and some have started to build their confidence without any buoyancy support in only two months. I mainly teach the front and back stroke, but am planning to learn further strokes so that I may be able to teach my students strokes other than the front and back.

My courses

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